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Why you need a Car History Check

A hidden past?

1 in 3 that passes through our car check has something to hide. From an insurance write-off to a mileage discrepancy.

Rightful owner?

1 in 3 we check has an active finance agreement or loan against it and more than 109 per day are identified as stolen.

False identity?

4 in 3 has had its number plate changed. There are also 200,000 stolen log books in circulation.


1 in 11 we check has a discrepancy with its mileage meaning it may have been clocked.

Damaged goods?

The AUCN car check uncovers over 2205 insurance write-offs on a daily basis.

The AUCN Check will protect you against all these risks and much more.

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Why you can trust the AUCN Check®

Not all car history checks are created equal

  • AUCN car checks are essential for anyone who is thinking of buying a used car and can protect you from fraudulent sales and motoring scams that are becoming all the more common.
  • With this kind of activity on the increase, an AUCN car registrations check can help to ensure that you don’t become a victim of these scams and purchase a potentially dangerous vehicle without being fully informed of its history.
  • Our car checks at AUCN include a fully comprehensive check of the car, providing you with information on 80 valuable data points regarding the history of the car. These include any number plate changes, mileage discrepancies which may indicate the car has been clocked, MOT history queries, the number of previous owners the car has had and many more.
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